[PEN-L:3586] Re: E. Wood's defence

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Thu Oct 26 15:38:34 MDT 2000

Review of the Month, Monthly Review, September 2000:

. . . this widespread retreat from class.*

*For a discussion of some of the many forms that this has taken, we
heartily recommend Ellen Meiksins Wood's book, winner of the Isaac
Deutscher prize, *The Retreat from Class* (New York: Verso, 1986). (p.
I still tend to regard the scandalous removal of Ellen Wood from the
editorship of *Monthly Review* as one more example that important
Marxist leaders tend to live too long. We need to develop an involuntary
retirement program. There is of course no other book from the last 50
years that could be cited in this respect. Ellen Wood is very nearly
*the* voice of marxism in the English-speaking world.

It is interesting that a number of people in this and related threads
have decided that they can no longer accept Karl Marx's definition of
capitalism. Now there are hundreds of things in Karl Marx which one can
reject and still remain a marxist and a communist. But to reject Marx's
definition of capitalism (or to try to modify it in nit-picking ways) is
simply to say, "BAck to the Drawing Boards." Weber and Condorcet were
right all along.

Carrol Cox

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