GLW: The fall of Milosevic -- coup or revolution?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Oct 30 08:38:43 MST 2000

Green Left Weekly:
>He doesn't dare tell the reader that these "drunken mobs" driving out
>their corrupt, plutocratic "managers" all over the country are the
>long-suffering workers and their new strike committees in these
>enterprises. Louis Proyect, whose entire political purpose has crashed
>with Milosevic's demise, also claimed the occupation of the national
>parliament was carried out by "a drunken, pistol-waving pro-Kostunica
>mob." Even Johnstone, on the whole a moderate within this camp,
>claimed the "unguarded building was systematically vandalized and set
>on fire, causing considerable damage to public property. The
>liberators then went on to smash shop windows and steal property in
>nearby shopping streets."

What a lovely article. Never in my wildest imagination would I be linked
with one of the greatest anti-imperialist critics of the past 10 years.
Thanks for this. I will have it framed and then put it up in my office next
to my "I am Proud to Be a Serb" button that I got at the IAC demonstration
against Nato's war.

Louis Proyect
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