U.S. Greens Economic Program

Dayne Goodwin dayneg at SPAMshell.aros.net
Mon Oct 30 08:38:13 MST 2000

Greens Economic Program

        These four points are from the "Economic Democracy" section of the
Greens/GPUSA platform adopted last spring:
        * Democratic Banking* - Mandatory conversion of the 200 largest
banks with 80% of all bank assets into democratic publicly-owned community
banks.  Financial and technical incentives and assistance for voluntary
conversion of other privately-owned banks into publicly-owned community
banks or consumer-owned credit unions.
        *Democratic Conversion of Big Business* - Mandatory break-up and
conversion to democratic worker, consumer, and/or public ownership on a
human scale of the largest 500 U.S. industrial and commercial corporations
that account for about 10% of employees, 50% of profits, 70% of sales, and
90% of manufacturing assets.
        *Workplace Democracy* - Establish the right of workers at every
enterprise over 10 employees to elect supervisors and managers and to
determine how to organize work.
        *Democratic Production* - Establish the right of citizens to vote
on the expansion or phasing out of products and industries, especially in
areas of dangerous or toxic production.

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