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              Grandmother Tries To Sell Grandson For

              Russian Boy Was To Be Sold For $70,000 US

              MOSCOW, Posted 2:04 p.m. PDT October 28, 2000
              -- The boy thought his grandmother was taking him to
              Disneyland, but Russian police say she had other plans: to
              sell her grandson so his organs could be used for

              Police in Ryazan, 200 kilometres southeast of Moscow, said
              Saturday they arrested a woman after they were tipped that
              she was trying to sell her grandson to a man who was going
              to take the boy to the West.

              There, his organs were to be
              removed and sold, a Ryazan police
              officer said.

              After a surveillance operation,
              police moved in to arrest the woman
              Tuesday, capturing the event on a video tape that was
              released in part on Saturday. Police did not reveal the
              woman's name.

              The woman was helped in the scheme by the boy's uncle,
              who told police the child was being sold for about $70,000

              When asked how he could sell his nephew, the uncle
              replied: "My mother said that it is none of my business, he
              her grandson."

              The boy, whose age was not released, lived with his

              Body parts have been smuggled out of Russia in the past for
              sale in the West as organ replacements.

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