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Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Mon Oct 30 10:29:52 MST 2000

Hi Lou:

>In general I want to stress topics for discussion on this list that do not
>presuppose access to scholarly material. Except for graduate students like
>Mine, Yoshie, Dennis Redmond and a handful of others, most people who
>subscribe to this list are not in the habit of reading journals like New
>Left Review or academic textbooks. One of my biggest gripes with PEN-L is
>that it has always been oriented to the needs and concerns of professors
>and graduate students.
>The Marxism list is not really a scholarly mailing list.

I'm relieved that you have at least gone beyond your ambivalence &
made up your mind, because the messages I have been getting from you
have been contradictory:

At 10:06 PM -0400 10/28/00, Louis Proyect wrote:
>Let's stop assuming that there is a scholarly consensus
>that the Brenner thesis is correct. No such consensus exists
>and Yoshie has a major burden to prove that it is true. To do
>this requires an engagement with the scholarly minutiae of land
>ownership patterns in the 15th century, class stratification
>data, demographics, etc.

I think you have a rather unproductive love-hate relationship with
academia -- perhaps not so uncommon among white-collar Marxists who
work at universities (it's quite common among left-wing academics,
too, in fact).  I hope you'll truly leave the ambivalence behind &
stick to the decision you made.  It's your private list, so I'll
honor your whims, however you want it, with or without "scholarly


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