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I personally salute the moderator's decision of bringing clarity to the
discussion and limiting posting of material from the web to a minimum.This is
particularly necessary if we think that the majority of subscribers to the list
are from the Third World who are having extraordinarily expensive net
connections. Instead of sending long posts from the net or engaging in an
abstract discussion of Annales school, Gramsci, World System Theory, Brenner
debate, post colonialism blah, blah , blah, we can briefly summarize the
content of the articles related to the topic or post brief abstracts. I frankly
would like to terminate my involvement in Brenner debate because the discussion
does not seem to be going anywhere except endless comments and veiled personal
affronts. With that said, I largely benefited from Lou, whose comments I found
more to the point and clearly articulated.  He is a prolific writer, I should
admit. Before receving moderator's notice, I sent another post to the list
clarifying my points. So, that is it. Now, I see that there are issues at stake
here more fundamental than Brenner debate and "super-star leftish academic"
issues.  Even the bourgeois economists on pen-l have terminated the discussion.
Given that my involvement in this debate will be minimal due to heavy graduate
student work, I think I would like to be more instructed about what is going on
in the rest of the word  now--Yugoslavia, Palestine, Latin America,  and
class/popular struggles elsewhere. It is time turn to  real world politics, me




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