Comrades victims of the cyber wars

Abu Nasr abu-nasr at
Mon Oct 30 17:11:14 MST 2000

Dear Comrades!

I am forwarding below a message I received from a good comrade who responded
to the call to use cyber space to battle against the Zionist enemy.

I must now say sadly that I tried to respond to this message from him, only
bounced back. Evidently Comrade Magnus has fallen victim to the Zionists who
have got him knocked off the internet for his efforts on behalf of the
murdered children of Palestine.

I must state that I had no idea that the Zionists were using this tactic or I
would have included a warning to that effect. I regret the trouble this
comrade has now been subject to. At the same time, I must say that his
efforts and sacrifices are very highly appreciated indeed, and a greater
could not be found.

It is also instructive to learn from this how quickly the international media
monopolies jump at the command of the Zionist child murderers defending the
"security" and "integrity" of their "state" as it systematically practices
bloody ethnic cleansing of the Arab Palestinian territories. We must not
forget that the imperialist-Zionist alliance is so tight that its constiuents
are virtually indistinguishable, that to oppose Zionism consistently is to
oppose monopoly capitalism, and to oppose monopoly capitalism consistently is
to oppose Zionism around the world. This is a colossal and costly struggle,
but for the good of humanity, WE MUST WIN!

With revolutionary greetings!

Abu Nasr
forwarded message follows:
I went to the site you told us aboutm, and followed the instructions given
there. Suddenly a message flashed up on my screen from the Israeli state
security team, telling me they'd report the attack to my ISP. Do you know
anything about this? What can they do?

Magnus Bernhardsen

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