Roman proletarians and Southern "white trash"

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> >John Ashworth analyzes the slave owners in the >South in a way akin to
> >>  >your analysis of the "anti-bourgeois ruling class" >who "avoid,"
> >>  >rather than "promote," accumulation at home & who >fail to modernize
> >>  >the productive forces:

> >As for the antebellum South & the Civil War, >perhaps John Ashworth is
> >following Eirc Williams' & other classical Marxists' >argument:

Well *perhaps*. When I have a chance to read John Ashworth in details, I will
have a look at the bibliography to see if there is a reference to Eric Williams.
If there is, I would like to see the context of Ashworth's discussion on
Williams..  Given the quote you cited, he seems to be classifying slave economy
in the South as pre-capitalist (ie anti-bourgeois class "failing to modernize
productive forces") . If slavery was such unproductive and slave owners were
such anti-bourgeois, the British capitalist class would have no desire of
maintaining slavery there (at least for a while)



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