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>Louis -- What did that asshole Murdoch say to you on the phone?  I'd like to
>know so I can spread it around.

He said that all the protests got him in a fighting mood basically. When I
asked him how working for a labor-busting law-firm squared with being a
board member of Pacifica that was founded by somebody who went to prison
for pacifist beliefs during WWII, he said the two things are unrelated.
When I told him that he impressed me as somebody who had never demonstrated
or organized on behalf of the poor, he said that he had been working hard
in Washington, DC for many years. A fucking Clintonista bureaucrat, if you
ask me. We need a revolution. He also made some demagogic remark about his
"ethnic" issues being involved, since he appears to be African-American.
These people remind me of the rightwing creeps who took over CORE.

Louis Proyect
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