Trotskyism in Argentina

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Although it is much too long to post directly to the list, I would urge
comrades to take a look at this section from the chapter on "Trotskyism,
Peronismo, and Argentina" from Robert Alexander's "Trotskyism in Latin
America" (Hoover Institution Press, 1973) that I scanned in and put out on
the Marxism website at:

Alexander is a self-avowed Shachtmanite and has much more sophistication
than one would expect from a typical Hoover Institution author. Or then
again, maybe not.

The passage covers the following items:

1. Sherry Mangan's attempt to forge unity among various Trotskyist factions
in the 1940s, over the objections of the vainglorious local leader Liborio
Justo. Mangan was a top leader of the SWP who did political work in Latin
American on behalf of the FI, while on assignment from the Luce magazine
Fortune. Alan Wald has a fascinating write-up on Mangan in his
"Revolutionary Intellectuals", which includes a discussion of Mangan's poetry.

2. Differences in Argentine Trotskyism over how to relate to Juan Peron.
Nahuel Moreno appears to be the most vocal of the anti-Peronista forces
organized under the banner of Trotskyism, while another group led by
Enrique Dickmann favored working with the Peronista movement.

3. Emergence of the "National Left", the grandfather of the group we raised
money for on the list. The party was led by Jorge Abelardo Ramos and,
according to Alexander, "its intellectual influence was considerably larger
than the size of its membership would indicate." Now we now where our
Nestor came from.

4. Ideological roots of the PRT-Combatiente. This was the pro-Mandel wing
of the Trotskyist movement in the 1970s that robbed trailer trucks and
dispensed the merchandise in poor neighborhoods. They were the Robin Hoods
of the Argentine left.

5. A few paragraphs on the Posadistas who at their November 15, 1964
convention argued that "Atomic war is going to bring revolution." Well, why

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