reply to Pathfinder critics

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Mon Oct 30 18:15:46 MST 2000

>Philip Ferguson wrote:
>>  I would assume that university presses, who are the main people producing
>>  academic texts, make money.  So, with much smaller costs, Pathfinder, by
>>  charging the same prices, must be making a fair bit.
>I haven't been following this thread, but in reference to University
>Presses --
>in the past most academic works had to be subsidized. It probably changes in
>various ways over the years, but quite often the main or even only purchasers
>of academic books are University libraries, and only the larger of
>them pretend
>to purchase all new academic works.

Actually, since even the best of the university presses have not been
able to make good money, and most of them have become a big losing
proposition, especially with cutbacks in library funding, they have
begun to cut back on the number of books they publish as well.  I
dare say that Lou will be saved from much of "scholarly minutiae"
pretty soon, since there will be less scholarly books!


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