reply to Pathfinder critics

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Mon Oct 30 18:56:57 MST 2000

Mike wrote:

>1.  The writings of working-class leaders belong to the revolutionary
>movement and working class as whole.  Use of copyright laws to suppress
>distribution of these writings, whether by commercial or working-call
>publishers, is an attack on intellectual and artistic freedom.
>2.  Pathfinder, in it's various forms - and however you characterize them -
>is a multi-million dollar enterprise whose employees deserve to be treated
>decently and whose rights should be defended.

I wish I could easily agree with Mike on both 1 and 2, but under
capitalism don't they come into contradiction?  Like, no profits for
Pathfinder, no wages for Pathfinder employees?


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