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The Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees

Special Report

The Emerging Trends

Statistical Picture of Palestinian Deaths and Injuries

October 30, 2000, 3:00 PM

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, president of the UPMRC held a press conference
today at the Ambassador Hotel in East Jerusalem. The purpose of the press
conference was to dispel myths and present factual evidence that directly
contradicts IDF statements about the current conflict.
To date, 144 Palestinians have been killed and approximately 5,000 have
been injured as a result of Israeli actions.
One myth that has surfaced recently is that Palestinians are using their
children as shields in clashes and purposefully sending them out to
demonstrate. However, the statistics prove otherwise. While a disturbing
number of children have been killed, the majority have been adults.
Palestinian deaths according to age are:
· 13.8% below the age of 15
· 20.3% age 16-18
· 50% age 19-29
· 8.7% age 30-39
· 3.6% age 40-49
· 3.6% 50-59
Many of the children who were killed were not involved in clashes. For
example, 13-year-old Muayyad Usma Jawarish was shot and killed by Israeli
sniper fire in Bethlehem. He was on his way home from school and was not
within a clash area. Similarly, 18-month-old Sara Abdul Azeem was shot in
the head by a settler. She was returning home with her father and was not
near a clash site. A six-month-old infant was also killed.
The reality is that the IDF is attacking unarmed Palestinian civilians with
deadly accuracy, creating a situation Dr. Barghouthi describes as "warfare
without a war."
Major causes of Palestinian deaths are:
· Bullets - 92%
· Tear gas - 1.4%
· Torture - 1.4%
· Prevented access to medical treatment due to the closure - 2.2%
The locations of wounds which caused the deaths:
· 48.1% in the head and neck
· 50.4% in the chest and abdomen
· 1.6% in the lower limbs
Injury statistics are telling as well. Locations of injuries have been:
· 26% in the head or neck
· 70% to the upper body
· 58% to the upper body if injuries to the upper limbs are excluded
These figures show that, counter to IDF claims, the Israeli army is
shooting to kill unarmed Palestinians. Other groups like the United States
chapter of Physicians for Human Rights agree with this assessment.
Ninety-five to ninety-eight percent of the clashes occur between
Palestinians armed only with stones, and Israeli soldiers armed with
rubber-coated metal bullets, tear gas, live ammunition, tanks, helicopters,
and 50 caliber bullets. The IDF claims that soldiers are acting in
self-defense, but the numbers show that many Palestinians have been shot in
the head, some in the back of the head while trying to run from the
soldiers' fire. Snipers have also been used to assassinate Palestinians,
an act that is not consistent with the 'self-defense' argument. Dr.
Barghouthi explains that Israel is escalating the status of the situation
from an occupation to a one-sided armed conflict in an attempt to justify
the suppression of Palestinians and exempt the army from any
Israeli attacks have harmed a substantial proportion of the Palestinian
population. If the same proportion of civilians in the US were killed and
injured, approximately 433,000 Americans would be injured and 7,500 would
be dead.
The UPMRC repeats its appeal for international protection for Palestinian
civilians from Israeli attacks.
To view all of the UPMRC's Emergency Appeals and updates regarding the
Israeli army's use of force against Palestinians over the past month, visit
the UPMRC website at For further information please
contact Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi at 050-254218 or the UPMRC office at
02-583-3510/ 02-583-4021.
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