TR: ScanMail Message: To Recipient, virus found and action taken.

Les Schaffer godzilla at
Tue Oct 31 06:47:57 MST 2000

Yves-Marie Quemener said:

> "TROJ_MTX.A" virus was found in attachment "BLINK_182.MP3.pif",
> ScanMail has deleted the attachment.

i've scanned by hand thru the attachment Julio sent and it indeed
appears to contain one out of three __components__ of this virus, in
particular the worm section, see here for details:

please just delete this message and not allow Microsoft Outlook and
such to execute the attachment. contact me if your system has troubles
as a result of messing with this attachment.

this is one good reason not to send attachments directly to the
list. if you have something binary-ish you want distributed to the
list, send it to me first.  I'll figure out a safe way to distribute,
if appropriate.

Les Schaffer

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