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En relación a Trotskyism in Argentina,
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> 2. Differences in Argentine Trotskyism over how to relate to Juan
> Peron. Nahuel Moreno appears to be the most vocal of the
> anti-Peronista forces organized under the banner of Trotskyism, while
> another group led by Enrique Dickmann favored working with the
> Peronista movement.

I owe the list a detailed history of the early workings of Nahuel
Moreno (an attempt to become an "orthodox Peronist" included!). But
Enrique Dickmann was never a Trotskyist. He was a mainstream
socialist who understood National Revolution by the mid 50s, who
could swallow the bitter and brutal fire of the Casa del Pueblo
(House of People), the Socialist Party's HQs at Buenos Aires
(together with one of the most important socialist libraries in Latin
America) by enraged mobs after the first attempt at a coup against
Perón (talk of Yugoslavia...), and headed a peculiar and short lived
formation, the Partido Socialista de la Revolución Nacional, which
gathered Moreno (encapsulated in a cell of his own), old socialists
and the National Left group during the mid 50s. Dickmann was an
archetypal reformist of Buenos Aires, but he had a sincere vocation
towards the working class. It is not a matter of chance that his anti
Peronist brother Adolfo Dickmann has been honored with a street in
the poor Jewish and working class quarter of La Paternal in Buenos
Aires, while Emilio does not "exist" at all.

The National Left group commanded the newspaper of the PSRN, "Lucha
Obrera", a glorious name in the history of the Argentinian struggles
of the working class, and the only paper that stood, for a while, in
defense of Peronism after the 1955 coup. Of course, the PSRN was
banned shortly afterwards.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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