A reply to Pathfinder's critics

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   Thank you for the well argued explanations.

   I might add that many critics of the prices Pathfinder Press
charges for their books, overlook one important part, and that is the
photo sections in most of the Pathfinder Press publications, which are
high quality prints of photos which you would only find in specialized
photo books. This adds a lot to the costs; one of the reasons why the
Cuban reprint of Pathfinders "Habla Nelson Mandela" left out this
photo section.

   I might also add that a publisher nowadays may have to give 50%
discount to a wholesaler, not 40% as you wrote. The prices that a
publisher has to calculate for the reader have to make it possible to
enter the book market, unless you want to limit your sales to
literature tables. But the experience with Pathfinder publications is
that they go better in "normal" bookstores than in "leftist"
bookstores. I have been involved a little bit in Pathfinder
distribution in Germany (via my literature table, and a little bit by
helping the Pathfinder reps from London or New York), and found the
"left" bookstores quite often to be less inclined to stock Pathfinder
books. For the regular book market, a chepo and shabby looking book
would have less chances to be stocked.

   Finally to this:

JGP>               In the medium term, as technology improves, stereo
JGP> systems incorporate MP3 decoders and memory to hold the files, etc.,
JGP> record

   Actually, Samsung already does offer a stero system with a built-in
MP3 encoder and decoder, plus docking station for a MP3 player and a
USB-connection to a PC.

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