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Not only after 1933...

Lucien Goldmann, in his posthumous _Lukacs and Heidegger_ has stated that
_Sein und Zeit_ was conceived as a bourgeois answer to _History and class

He had already stated this before, and Lukacs himself took pains to get
distanced from this thesis (by 1967, the idea was to cut any link that
might  appear between his early works and the main trunk of German
idealism, because  Stalinist censorship was, er, too Positivist).

In my own view, the proposition is quite convincing.

Heidegger was the prophet of the despair and debacle of bourgeois mind in
the  age of imperialism. In catching his word as a gospel, the Rive Gauche
intelligentsia (Sartre himself _not_ excluded) lay the foundations for
continuity of bourgeois thought in Western Europe.

Derrida and his ilk, of course, are the most intrepid of these "deniers of
historic subjects in history" and Althusser himself shares in the
Heideggerian  negation that human history _is made_ by people, albeit under
conditions not  of our choice.

In the end, we shall always encounter these poltergeists until imperialism
is  brushed away from the face of the planet. At any rate, the links of
Heideggerians not with Heidegger himself (who we may dislike, but cannot
diminish as a philosopher) but with the Nazi and proto-Nazi scribblers,
reveal  the deep continuity between Weberian bureaucracy, Fascist
state-worship (a la  Gentile) and the structures of mind of the modern
imperialist technocrats that  framed today´s Europe.


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