imporant message on virus

Les Schaffer godzilla at
Tue Oct 31 11:39:57 MST 2000

For Johannes and the marxism list. more from me in a bit...

please, everyone read below and read my followup posts on this later
in the day, so we few comrades keep our computers in good health.

in regards to Julio sending attachments to the list, i think its clear
now that he simply was infected previously, and since he had posted
earlier to the marxism list the virus did what its programmed to do,
and followed up with an automatic post designed to spread the virus.

Julio, if you are reading this, contact me and we will see if we can
get you straightened out.

les schaffer

======== To Johannes


I agree with you about filtering out attachments, i think i can make
this happen technically, just need to clear with Lou, who seems ready
to allow this to happen. But let me return to that in later post.

!!!!!    More importantly at present   !!!!!:

after i received your first email (copied below), i immediately
received a second one which was simply the worm again as an
attachment. in other words, your computer is attempting still to
spread the virus.

so i am thinking you have been infected with more than just the worm,
but have the whole virus. even though you cleared some of the registry
items. please check again and make sure they are gone... and run a
virus cleaner. there are directions on the web site i posted. if you
have trouble getting to the site, this may be because of the virus, i
will send you a url that the virus cannot affect.

i will look more into this and report to the list. you may want to
curtail emailing to others, however, until you sort this out.

les schaffer

p.s. don't worry about emailing me. i am running in linux and have not
been infected by the virus at all.

================ From Johannes

unfortunately I had already opened the attachment and the Virus got
installed. I cleared all the registry settings mentioned in the link and
rebooted. At the moment I am not experiencing any visible problems. Do I
have to take any further action? Platform is Win98.

> this is one good reason not to send attachments directly to the
> list. if you have something binary-ish you want distributed to the
> list, send it to me first.  I'll figure out a safe way to distribute,
> if appropriate.

I have asked Louis this before, but I would like to repeat it: Why not
configure the list software in a way that no attachments are accepted?
Actually anything can be converted to plain ASCII before sending, no need to
attach binaries (the only reason is that people are too lazy to convert
their Word documents).



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