Roman proletarians and Southern "white trash"

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> *****   British capitalism had destroyed West Indian slavery, but it
> continued to thrive on Brazillian, Cuban and American slavery.  But
> West Indian monopoly had gone for ever.  In the Civil War the British
> government nearly recognized the Confederacy.  By a supreme irony it
> was left for the West Indian, Gladstone, to remind an audience in
> Newcastle that the American Civil War had "perhaps become the most
> purposeless of all great civil wars that have ever been waged," and
> that "there is no doubt that Jefferson Davis and other leaders of the
> South have made an army; they are making, it appears, a navy; and
> they have made what is more than either, they have made a nation."
> (Eric Williams,  _Capitalism and Slavery_, Chapel Hill: U. of North
> Carolina P, 1994 [originally published in 1944], p. 176-7)   *****

> >Have you ever read Eric Williams?

Yes I did, and it contradicts the Brenner thesis that capitalism developed in
Britain without any effect of colonialism. Does Brenner say that "British
capitalism had destroyed West Indian slavery, but it continued to thrive on
Brazilian, Cuban and American slavery". He does not even analyze the Civil War as
extensively as Williams did, except few sentences devoted to slavery may be. He is
a British centric historian to begin with.

Since you move from topic to topic and have not _yet_ singled out  whether you
agree with Brenner or not, I find your ideas disorganized again. Brenner can not
be reconciled with Williams if that is what you hint. He is far beyond Williams.


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