Nezavisnost and the European Trade Union Confederation

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Oct 31 11:45:54 MST 2000

>Not even Nezavisnost itself is claiming this number. In a letter to
>Kostunica they claim 'more than 200.000 members'.
>I think Louis is correct to say that the term 'independant' is nonsense.
>Nezavisnost demands inter alia:
>'Comprehensive and radical economic reforms based on privatisation, economic
>efficiency and social justice'
>I would rather call this Thatcherism than Social-Democracy.
>All quotes are from their website at:

Since Johannes got bit by the worm that Julio accidentally sent to the
list, I imagine that he needs some consolation. Let me express that in
terms of saluting him for his critical-minded and independent approach to
the Yugoslavia question. Not only did he provide this valuable information
on Nezavisnost today, he also forwarded some important information on
harrassment of Serbs in Kosovo last week. This is a model for the kind of
objective investigations that Marxism needs today. I salute Johannes.

Louis Proyect
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