Nezavisnost and the European Trade Union Confederation

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Tue Oct 31 11:35:26 MST 2000

Louis Proyect quoted:

> The Militant:
> "The majority of workers at Ikarbus, for example, have quit the old trade
> union, which was tied to the former Milosevic regime, and organized
> themselves into the metalworkers branch of Nezavisnost (Independence), the
> largest trade union federation not linked directly to the former ruling
> party. In the same period, Nezavisnost supporters told us, membership has
> jumped from 200,000 to as much as half a million."

Not even Nezavisnost itself is claiming this number. In a letter to
Kostunica they claim 'more than 200.000 members'.

I think Louis is correct to say that the term 'independant' is nonsense.
Nezavisnost demands inter alia:
'Comprehensive and radical economic reforms based on privatisation, economic
efficiency and social justice'
I would rather call this Thatcherism than Social-Democracy.

All quotes are from their website at:


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