attachments now are filtered from list

Les Schaffer godzilla at
Tue Oct 31 12:52:50 MST 2000

I have now set up the list so that, in principle, __all__ attachments
will now bounce to the moderator rather than be sent to the list.

i just tested the feature and it seems to work for an attachment i
tried to send to the list. this filter should also work for the virus,
so if you are infected, your germs should at least be filtered out.

but please do clean your system, i dont want to get 100 bounced posts
in my inbox all carrying the virus. in that case i will have to ask
lou to pay me fair wage for my services ;-)))

there may be other forms of attachments that also need filtering, we
will add them to the list as they appear.

Lou and i will work out a scheme for handling non-viral
attachments. please be patient if you send one and it doesnt get
forwarded to the list immediately.

and besides, why are you sending an attachment rather than a clearly
formatted message to comrades? if your message really requires some
binary attachment to be distributed, contact Lou or myself and we will
work something out.

les schaffer

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