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> >I personally salute the moderator's decision of bringing clarity
> >I would also, except that clarity cannot be achieved >in debate unless
> >you _accurately grasp, reproduce, & criticize_ your >opponents'
> >arguments.  Straw persons prevent us from >achieving clarity.

Actually, what really prevents us from achieving clarity is one's endless
cross posting from other list servs and web sources without coming to a
precise conclusion of his/her own ideas, though this comment may be an
unfortunate one since it is based upon my knowledge of old timer graduate
students alone.

> >The moralist dichotomy of the virtues of manual >labor and the vices
> >of mental labor a la Rousseau also diverts us away >from clarity, not
> >to mention Marxism.

Moralism *labeling* prevents you from _accuretely_  grasping your
opponents' arguments, not to mention  the *straw man* of Cuba and sexism
of Cuban men.



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