Che Putin?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Oct 31 17:08:00 MST 2000

> Because of my immense sympathy for Jared following the sudden termination
>of his career along with the guy he wrote hysterical apologia for, Slobodan
>"Gentlefuck" Milosevic, I have found a new occupation he can accept at will
>- becoming Putin's propagandist instead. I see it now - Putin, one of the
>last anti-imperialist Slav knights who defeated those sinister fascist
>Chechen Muslims, riding into the sunset as he fights Western capital with a
>shield ingrained with a portrait of his lifelong hero, Josef Stalin.
> Check out to see "reversals
>of privatisations", no dissimilar to those undertaken by the regime whom
>supposedly paid the price for its "old-fashioned Titoist principles".
> Owen

Owen, please refrain from posting to the list while drunk.

Louis Proyect
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