Nader's Madness1

Les Schaffer godzilla at
Tue Oct 31 18:05:16 MST 2000

[bounced from unsubbed John Ingram <ingram1ja at> ]

Nader never intended to elevate the Green Party to
major status with his exploitation of it.

All the years of fruitlessly struggling against the
corporations has finally driven Ralph mad.

Frustration has taken its toll, as it will on all
those who struggle against the current political
economy without a clear philosophical basis rooted in
Marx and the labor theory of value.

Ralph is infected with "absolute indifference" to the
day-to-day struggles of the working class. Otherwise,
he would not be doing this.

Ralph's real intention is to elect Bush, the very
thing he hates so much...the corporations' perfect
candidate for our times. The fact that he is unable to
discern the differences between Bush and Gore is
testimony to his madness.

Ralph thinks, as most of the greens who have been
driven insane by the capitalist political economy,
that by electing Bush, he can hurry the revolution by
making our lives so miserable that we will all rise up
and overthow the system. It cannot be moved this way,
not yet.

It didn't work for Bob Anderson, Roberto Mondragon,
and it won't happen for Nader. What he will do, if he
elects Bush, is destroy the Green Party and any other
possibility of a real third party movement in our

Ralph has finally played into the hands of the ruling
class. He is now the butt-boy for Bush and the
corporations. He is done, stick a fork in him.

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