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NMG> En relación a Re: How Should Marxists Characterize Chattel Slav,
NMG> el 29 Oct 00, a las 17:18, Luko Willms dijo:
LW>>    Or why don't you all go on and discuss if the lungfish is a
LW>>  fish or
LW>>  an amphibian, or if the duckbill is a reptile or a mammal? Or,
LW>>  why not,
LW>>  how many angels fit onto a needle pin?
NMG> Because the problem of slavery under capitalism has direct
NMG> implications on our understanding of imperialism.

   I see it as quite strange that you attach your comment to my
mentioning of some creatures which I cited for being the living
embodiement of the unity of contradictions, like the _ornitorrinco,_
como se dije ese animal, ingles 'duckbill' en español.

   There has never been a society where all social relations where
100% capitalist, and I dare to say that there never will be one.

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