Yemen--Poverty and the Begging Children

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Hassan Saeed  Yemen Times


Age     Labor force (incl. begging)  unemployed working  avarage.
10-14           184,034
47,621                        25.88%

15-19           28,6576
77,615                        20.58%

The source is Dr. Naser Ali Associate Professor in the Faculty of
Economy and Administration in Aden University included in his research
on Poverty and the Begging Children. He says that this phenomenon was
triggeredafter the Gulf War for due tothe number of children who came
back to Yemen that caused deterioration in the living and economic

Another report says that 30% of begging children and women live in
families that contain many wives, and 60% live with their stepmothers.
The report further said that the government does not offer help or
support to the 87% of those who are meant to form a range of survey,
andthe charitable societies do not help 77% of them. Seventy-five
percent of the begging children and women expressed their wish to give
up beggary if the State ensures them alternatives and provides them with
houses and jobs. The same report says that the children and girls after
adolescence are forced by their parents to work or go begging because of
the difficult economic conditions.


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