Green/Nader economic policies are not progressive

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Oct 31 19:29:33 MST 2000

Brian James wrote:

>  But don't expect workers
> to get what they want through the Green Party of the USA or anywhere else!

Marxists can't talk to each other without taking some things for granted. This
is as silly as arguing heatedly that rain wets one. Of course workers won't
"get what they want through the Green Party," but no one on this list would
claim that. The question about Nader and the Green Party is not whether they
are a socialist force or not. Of course they are not. The question is whether
under current concrete conditions (when there is neither a marxist party or
even a bourgeois labor party) marxists by joining the Green campaign can
advance the level of popular struggle, make useful links with other
progressives, gain a higher public visibility for progressive ideas, damage
the Democratic Party (the main bulwark of reaction in the U.S.), and in
general place themselves in a more favorable position for future political
work. *None* of those questions can be answered by tautological and puerile
blather about the (obvious) weaknesses of the Green Party nor of Nader.

I don't know the answer myself to any of these questions. Due to both local
conditions and health concerns I have not recently been active locally, and
such questions as these have to be answered by those with both theoretical
sophistication and *current* political experience. They can't be answered by
citing truisms from a marxist pre-primer for school children.


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