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These letters from Monday's Times may be of interest:

The Times, London:

Bush, Kyoto and climate of hysteria


Sir, I can only applaud your leading article, “The K word” (March 30), on
the European reaction to Mr Bush and the Kyoto protocol (see also letters,
March 24).
For many in Europe “global warming” has become a necessary myth, virtually a
new religion. The current hysteria has nothing to do with the complex
science of climate change, which remains little understood. The “global
warmers” are fundamentalists and, to them, Mr Bush has blasphemed.

We should, however, remember that it was these very European fundamentalists
who scuppered Mr Prescott and a climate deal at The Hague last November. In
the long run, their “hysterical righteousness” is dangerous and could well
lead to the rejection of pollution controls along with the myth of “global

Yours faithfully,
(Professor of Biogeography),
School of Oriental and African Studies,
University of London,
Thornhaugh Street,
April 1.

>From Mr Andrew D. Harris

Sir, The US Government is quite right to refuse to ratify the Kyoto treaty.
As all economic activity is based on the use of energy, and most energy
currently comes from burning fossil fuels, it should be obvious to anyone
that constant pressure to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions is bound to
restrict economic growth sooner or later.

The developing world, largely exempted from Kyoto, will soon replace any
reductions in emissions made by the US and other major economies. This will
inevitably lead to a conflict between green and non-green policies which
governments have not so far resolved — the petrol crisis last September was
an early example of the issues involved.

The evidence for long-term climate change is nothing like as strong as it is
usually made out to be, and for government ministers to claim that the US
decision condemns the rest of the world to a future of catastrophic climatic
events, as Michael Meacher did on Wednesday, is unscientific scaremongering.
But if the world is really serious about reducing greenhouse-gas emissions,
then there is only one way to achieve this that is compatible with
continuing economic growth — nuclear power.

It is about time the rest of the world stopped arranging regular
international jamborees and imposing new taxes and recognised these
fundamental truths.

Yours faithfully,
10 Evertons Close,
WR9 8AE.
April 1.

>From the Director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy

Sir, If President Bush’s main objection to the Kyoto protocol is that
implementing it may damage the American economy, let him rest assured.
America could be every bit as wealthy as today, probably more so, if it
ensured that every time a new product is bought, or a building constructed
or refurbished, the most energy-efficient option is always adopted.

On average, Americans waste $1 in every $3 they spend on buying fuel. Cut
out that profligacy and you have a more resource-productive society. At the
same time, consumption of fossil fuels would be dramatically reduced,
enabling the Kyoto criteria to be met with ease.

Yours faithfully,
Director, Association for the Conservation of Energy,
Westgate House,
Prebend Street,
N1 8PT.
April 1.

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