Query from an Iranian student

Ulhas Joglekar uvj at vsnl.com
Wed Apr 4 09:34:32 MDT 2001

Louis Proyect:
> While strongly agreeing with the need to see things in their specific
> terms, I also think that the essential question must not be overlooked,
> namely whether India can ever join the ranks of such countries as Great
> Britain or Belgium in the G7. While arguing that is impossible, I would
> agree with Ulhas that it is important to be concrete, especially for

I don't recall having ever claimed that India can join the ranks of G7
countries in the forseeable future. I think India needs sustained economic
growth for at least a century, if India is to banish mass poverty. I don't
think even China can join G7 countries in the forseeable future. Despite 50
years of admirable progress, most Chinese survive on less two dollars a day.
That is far far away from joining G7.


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