Bourgeois view of the crisis: proverb of the month

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this is how the _bourgeoisie financiere_ views the crisis (similar to
Soros' views on PBS). Is the bourgeoisie conscious or false conscious of
its own destruction?

" The unforeseen will happen--shocks, crises, turning points in cycles,
shifts in trends-- and when it happens we are not to defated by it or just
ride with it but to manage it,  and manage is masterfully. That word
implies technical competence, but it also implies a sense of direction"
(Sir Jeremy Morse, Chairman, Lloyds Bank, Per Jacobsson Lecture 1985).

***From Kees Van Der Pijl  "Ruling Classes, Hegemony and the State System:
Theoretical and Historical Considerations", _International Journal  of
Political Economy_ Vol 19, No.3, Fall 1989.

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