Marx and Marxist epistemology

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Wed Apr 4 21:04:08 MDT 2001

Check the Lukacs archives: It
includes excerpts from "History and Class Consciousness." Also, the
Ilyenkov archives at: He was a
Soviet philosopher who wrote interesting things, including the article "The
Concept of the Ideal." Another Soviet philosopher is Feliks Mikahailov who
wrote "The Riddle of the Self" at:

Not online, but highly recommendable on this topic is Sebastanio
Timpanaro's "On Materialism".

At 02:04 AM 4/5/01 +0000, you wrote:
>I was wanting to take a look at the epistemological basis of marx and
>marxism.  This is not for a philisophy course but a social/political theory
>course that is investigating certainty and the basis of knowlege.  In my
>class Marxism was categorised as part of rationalist epistemology in
>contrast to empiricism.  Yet I consider Marxism separate from both domains
>due to its MATERIALIST framework.  I was wondering if people know of
>materials on the epistemological framework of historical materialism and or
>Marx's epistemology?
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