Moyers' investigation into chemical industry pollutionmurders

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Thu Apr 5 00:38:28 MDT 2001

This story makes me wonder once more why there are so many prophets of doom
on this and other Marxist lists.

The facts do not support the doom-mongers.  While the industrial revolution
did result in a glorious mess around England and other advanced countries in
the 20th century the clean-up went apace and now water and the environment
are cleaner - and dangers in industry are vastly less than they have ever
And - just to PROVE it the general standard of living, the expectation of
life and general longevity have all increased by leaps and bounds since WWII
THROUGHOUT the world (with the possible exception, since 1988 - of the
former Soviet Union !!).

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> "It's not just industry workers who are at risk.
> VANESSA: I hate to say this, but the chemical industry problem is
> MUCH worse
> even than what ANYONE thinks. I personally doubt there is ANY solution to
> the pollution problem anymore; even if all of humanity quit polluting
> cold-turkey tomorrow, the damage would probably still be felt
> 1000 years for
> now. There are NO PEOPLE left in this world whose bodies are not polluted.
> There is little clean water left. And even if we began to clean ALL the
> water people drink, the act of cleaning it would pollute other places.
> ((((((((((
> CB: You should join the Crash list.
> There is NO law or political system that can change this. I
> believe the big
> governments of this world already knows this: that is why they
> are in such a
> hurry to find ways to live in outer space, as shown by NASA's 69 sexual
> positions in space project. To fix things, we would have to immediately
> switch to hydrogen fuel. THAT is not going to happen anytime soon. Will it
> be possible to clean up this planet someday? I am a chemist, and I don't
> believe so.
> Vanessa

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