Nader's Olive Branch

Brian James hillbily at
Thu Apr 5 03:32:44 MDT 2001

A letter posted on the WSWS in response to their article "Ralph Nader's
political olive branch to Bush."

“...[O]ne is obliged to assume that Nader's professed hope in Bush's
ability to oppose the influence of “corporate fat cats” is merely a
journalistic device aimed at currying favor with the new administration.
That would be consistent with the generally groveling tone of his
commentary. The alternative, that Nader really believes the new
president to be something other than a tool of corporate interests,
would brand the former Green candidate and long-time lobbyist a
political idiot."

I'm not sure when it happened. Maybe it was when he joined the
right-wing extremists' call to overturn the 1996 presidential election
over sex. Maybe some time before that.

Why didn't we notice when somewhere along the line Ralph Nader became an
apologist, nay an ADVOCATE, for the right-wing corporate power
structure? We all know Nader lied over and over during the 2000 campaign
saying there was no important difference between Al Gore and George W.
Bush. I know many expected Nader to own up to this, and tell the truth
now that he can see what is happening because he helped Bush seize the
White House. We can ALL see the Bush occupation is unleashing raw,
right-wing extremism. It's plain to everyone. Corporate power, bigotry,
misogyny and theocracy, on the march as never before, and trampling
everything in sight. Even those of us made cynical and disillusioned by
Nader's lies, broken promises, and close coordination with the RNC
[Republican National Committee] and the Bush team, expected something
better. We expected Nader to at least question the right-wingers on
their election theft and reactionary policies, even if Nader's ego
prevented him from admitting nearly everything he said during the 2000
campaign was wrong.

Instead Nader traded his anti-Gore put-downs for pro-George W. Bush
pompoms as he cheerleads the onslaught against EVERYTHING progressives
stand for. Bush's people already violated our right to vote and enlisted
the Fascist Five Supreme Justices to pervert the Constitution. Just
weeks into his illegal occupation, Bush is avidly rolling back consumer
rights, choice and family planning, labor rights and protections for
workers and children. I would think any self-described Green candidate
would at least question Bush's flip-flop on Kyoto and inviting
exploiters to despoil ALL our national lands. Nader is not challenging
any of this. In his servile posture, eagerly supine to the
“corporatists” and theocrats and fascists, Nader supports it all, just
as he helped make it happen. Now we know why Nader lied claiming there's
no important difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush. Now we see
there's no important difference between Ralph Nader and George W. Bush.

2 April 2001

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