A public apology to Vanessa DD

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Thu Apr 5 08:10:20 MDT 2001

[ from Nestor ]

I have been exchanging private mail with Vanessa Di Domenico as a
result of my criticism of her views on this list. She has asked me to
write to the list, in order to put some things clear.

I will gladly follow her request, in fact.

I will simply say this: I prefer one honest Vanessa to a dozen fearful
Marxist chatterboxes.

I would ask Lou Pr not only not to unsub her if he has had this idea
due to my suggestion, but also to listen to what she has to tell on
her concrete life and deeds, which are an example for many of us
here. In fact, her subbing to the Marxism list is in itself an act of
boldness, since she discovered that some people accused her of being a
rightist and, consequently, decided to learn on Marx.

Vanessa is an extraordinary social worker, and her political instincts
are the best one can find. I would be very glad if she considered me a
friend, and I am sure that many on this list would feel the same.

A girl from a privileged family, who was enclosed in physics and
chemistry, who hates the privileges of her class, who decides to enter
political life after she has her first child, who shares her lunch
with the poor from her early teens, this is the kind of people who
make revolutions in Latin America. One, two, hundreds of Vanessas!

And I am not coddling her. Those are my feelings. Which does not mean
that I step back from my criticisms. Luckily enough, I would finally
add, Vanessa's action is much ahead from the ideas that she has
received from the past. And, as everyone knows, "In the beginning, was

En relación a RE: Forwarded from Nestor (corrupt unions in Vzla, el 5
Apr 01, a las 1:18, Vanessa DD dijo:

> Bueno, no te escribo mas para no fastidiarte, pero es que quería
> contarte algo de mí. Estoy muy contenta de haber encontrado a
> alguien con quien escribir en español! Y no dudo que tengas mucho
> que enseñarme, y yo estoy aquí para aprender. Si quieres escribimos
> en la lista, auqnue por favor, no se te olvide decirles que NO soy
> tan mala como parezco!! Una de las razones que me puse a averiguar
> sobre el marxismo es que me llamaron ultraderechista, y me quedé
> preocupada. Y escríbeme en privado también, mandame lo que sea que
> crees puedo usar. Yo leo rapidísimo, y es el único entretenimiento
> que tengo hoy en día.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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