Nader's Olive Branch

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Thu Apr 5 15:39:01 MDT 2001

We all know Nader lied over and over during the 2000 campaign
> saying there was no important difference between Al Gore and George W.
> Bush.

Actually, this is a smart thing he said. The differences are not a matter of better
or worse, but simply "difference". GW seems to want to edge troops out of the Balkans
(possibly down the line). Gore wants to keep them there. Gore would have left the
environment in shambles and blaked at signing the Kyoto protocols until "further
analysis", whereas Bush scraps it all-together. So, in saying there is no difference
(a quote from Nader via my memory goes "The difference between the Democrats and the
Republicans is in how fast their knees hit the floor when the corporations come
knocking."), one is a lot closer to both the truth and to what matters, than someone
who spends too much time going over the (real) differences in policy.

Spending time at it, we could all easily write up polemical references that
illustrate the differences in the way the state was run by Francisco Franco and
Benito Mussolini- but we don't do that, seeing as they are both real- and irrelevant.

Macdonald (not a Naderite- just pleased to see someone on CNN who spoke of corporate
domination during the election- the same thing I liked about Red Kens Mayoral

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