Forwarded from Nestor (corrupt unions in Vzla)

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Thu Apr 5 17:19:52 MDT 2001

> The union leaders we have now are people who are also tying to get a piece
> of the pie, and they dream of moving to Miami, too!! We need to change that
> NOW. And the main reason we need to educate the workers no matter what they
> will be working at, is so that nobody can keep fooling them.
> Vanessa

This sounds like revolutionary undertakings- to change self-perceptions among the
toilers themselves. It is stuff like this that has me concerned that A) the US will
shoot Chavez sooner rather than later, and B) "we" (first world self-proclaimed
revolutionaries) are woefully lacking in bringing awareness of Hugo's project to
North American and European scholars and workers. Allende had done but a tiny morsel
of what Chavez has before left-liberals were already calling Salvador "a ray of

Or are people frightened by the military past? In "Americas backyard", that is a
strong point, and provides an opportunity for survival.


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