Nader's Olive Branch

Brian James hillbily at
Thu Apr 5 21:07:54 MDT 2001

Brian James:
>> The WSWS has been providing the most trenchant, and I would say marxist,
>> analysis of Nader that I have seen. Here's a sample:

Louis Proyect:
> Brian, a Marxist analysis would set as itself the task of identifying
> openings in the class struggle and how the working class and its allies can
> take advantage of them. The WSWS website is run by professional sectarians
> who have been chiding the mass movement from the sidelines since the early
> 1960s. During the 1960s, when mass demonstrations were urgently needed to
> help defeat Washington's counter-revolutionary war in Indochina, these
> wackos were making speeches at antiwar conferences that the most important
> task for socialists was to study dialectics.

But are they wrong about Nader? Did he or did he not betray this "mass
movement?" Should we abandon analysis and let him off the hook?

This creep's actions over the last 6 months need to undergo a proper
analysis, but all I hear on this list and beyond is half-assed apologies
for him and specious dismissals of the issue. Nader buttons his lip over
Bush, and the left buttons their collective lip over Nader. The fear of
"sectarianism" has so paralyzed debate in some areas that it's
indiscreet to even bring up the matter.


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