The situation in Turkey (from PEN-L)

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> The economic devestation was created by the IMF working in league
> with Western speculators who made an attack on the Turkish
> currency/economy awhile ago.  Chossudovsky has mostly written a
> piece on that which should be posted soon.
> Jared  

And get ready, you boys out there, to discover that similar events
will take place, within short time, in Argentina.

Cavallo's bosses, the IMF and the imperialist usuriers, have already
made it clear to him that they will not lend him a single cent to fuel
his attempts at "keynesianism".  And their man in our Central Bank,
the roguish and criminal Pedro Pou, has already clashed with Cavallo
who sees that Argentine-based banks cannot lend money to the
Argentinean state unless at the highest interest rates, because of the
financial policies followed by Pou.

Today we are having a couple of demonstrations against FTAA here, and
I am involved in a struggle, at my own workplace, against the
re-appointed "man of Cavallo" in the National Statistics Institute. A
warm week end, indeed.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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