Nader's Olive Branch

Martin Zehr m_zehr at
Fri Apr 6 13:53:36 MDT 2001

Clearly the analysis of the Nader phenonemon by "leftists" appear to be
directed at proving that he is a stooge for the right-wing, another favorite
boogeyman of their political world. Too bad they are not able to
substantiate their allegations of alliance. The critiques of those who have
nothing to say about the struggles of working people and who have done
nothing in the last twenty years but establish the world's most refine
Politically Correct, culturally sensitive grammar is empty and hollow. They
are unlikely to recognize someone who poses the questions of political power
as the primary focus of those who would advocate for a new agenda.
The fact that Ralph Nader may sit on the same podium as Pat Buchannan for a
given press conference is hardly a powerful indictment, given the way in
which the political powers that be have frozen out all political opposition.
The fact that the two parties have implemented a regime of mass
incarcerations, the building of a Wall around the southern border, the
dismantling of the service, medical and mental health, public education
infrastructure, the abandonment of urban America is a product of their
agenda and their political power.
"Leftists" have chosen to walk away from the struggle for political power,
so they get easily sit on the sidelines with astute observations about how
everyone else is doing it all wrong. And in the meantime, Rome burns.

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