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Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at tao.ca
Fri Apr 6 17:46:36 MDT 2001

I haven't looked into the matter closely, but I have read (cannot recall where now,
just that it was reputable enough not to make me quiver) that the US government/newly
formed CIA had plans in the immediate post war years "in case" the CCF (at the time,
still radical social democrats) won the election on what to do about it. The Liberal
party held off the election until '48, and the "disaster" was averted. But the
tactics under consideration (I do believe these were recently declassified) were:
subversion, asking the Canadian army to overthrow them, stealing the election and, if
necessary, invasion and occupation. Under those rare circumstances (the CCF then said
in their program they would institute a "centrally planned economy based on the
Soviet model"), I might have been proud to vote for the CCF/NDP as well.


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> Our whole family -- younger and older -- voted Nader/LaDuke and, under the
> circumstances of this contemporary moment, would certainly do it again.  And
> on a historical note with a personal twist, one of my parents voted for
> Harry Truman in 1948 and the other voted for Henry Wallace.  The one who
> voted Henry Wallace never regretted it.  Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]
> Hunter Gray
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