Nader's Olive Branch

Brian James hillbily at
Fri Apr 6 22:44:44 MDT 2001

> If you look thru the Democracy Now Real Audio archives for this year, you
> will find an interview of Ralph Nader by Amy Goodman precisely on the
> question of his statements and actions following the election.

> Jon Flanders

He says he made statements but that the major media ignored them. I have
to wonder how hard he tried though, since the alternative media, and the
international media -- which gave major coverage to Jesse Jackson's
short-lived radicalisation over Florida -- did not cover him on the
issue either.

Even his own website has little to say, just one trivial piece in which
he laments the status quo in electoral policy and holds the Democrats
and Republicans equally responsible. Hardly a call to arms.




The current deadlock over Florida's 25 electoral votes highlights the
unfortunate state of electoral politics in our country. The two major
parties have engaged in rampant abuse of the spirit and letter of
electoral democracy.

The continued reports of race-based electoral injustice must be
considered with the utmost gravity. The Department of Justice should
carefully investigate specific reports of voter intimidation and
obstruction immediately. In addition, there should be a nationwide
investigation of the persistent disenfranchisement of communities of
color by irregular electoral processes and mechanics. African American
and Hispanic precincts in Florida and across the country faced unequal
staffing, resources, and equipment. Ultimately, such injustices at the
voting booth only serve to undermine the legitimacy of our democracy.

The behavior of the Democratic and Republican parties shows the need for
a reinvigorated democracy. Each party continues to place the desires of
their corporate contributors and party partisans above those of the
country and the American people.

As a nation, we are obliged to end these affronts to the Constitution,
the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the spirit of justice. We must take
this opportunity to reevaluate the way we administer our democracy.
Specifically, I call for:

- Public financing of public elections
- Strict enforcement of the Voting Rights Act
- Same-day voter registration
- A standardized national ballot
- Instant runoff voting
- Proportional representation
- Non-partisan (not bi-partisan) election officials on the local, state,
and national levels
- A binding none-of-the-above option for every election
- A people's debate commission open to third party candidates

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