Music Monpoly Gall:

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sat Apr 7 11:33:09 MDT 2001

People interested in plumbing the depth of capitalist hypocrisy ande
unmitigated gall should go check out the music monopoly mafia's anti-Napster
website .

The Site is full of heart-rending stories and crocodile tears for the poor
artists who are not being paid royalties due to mean old Shawn Fanning, ...
but it "forgets" to add that the way the music monopolies run the record
business, recdording artists don't GET any royalties anyways, and, thanks to
a middle-of-rhe-night- sneak attack by the RIAA racketeers two years ago
(which redefined recordings by performing artists as "works for hire," i.e.,
products made by an employee which BELONG to an employer), only the very top
mega stars are in a position to negotiate real royalty payments anyways. And
this means, in particular, that the ownership of the copyright does not
revert to the original "author" (artist) after a period of time, because the
law they snuck in as a "technical" amendment to the copyright law makes the
capitalist pig record company, not the artists, the "author" of the works.

So Next time you're in a store and see the latest must-have CD from one of
the pre-fab, pretty boy bands or bimbettes from the Mickey Mouse Club, or
even from Bach, the Beatles or Beethoven, THINK before you pull out that
credit card. If you want to support (living) artists, go to their
performances and concerts, and pull the music down from the web through
open-nap servers or the gnutella network. Or borrow a copy of the disc your
heart desires from a friend and, as the old Black ghetto rebellion slogan
said, "burn, baby burn."

[BTW, the gnutella network has overcome many of its early problems, and is
expanding very rapidly. It is an especially good place to pull down high
bitrate MP3's of full albums,  as well as copies of programs, DiVX files
(i.e., movies), etc., as its user base tends to be more hard-core and have
fast, permanent internet connections.]

Also, with the threat of Congress imposing radio-style mandatory licensing
for music downloads, which are anathema to the music monopoly mafia because
that scheme compensates composers and performers *independently* of the
record companies, the Five Families are now promising to put up their own
downloadable music services and so on. These are Trojan Horse sites designed
to torpedo the independent peer-to-peer music sharing networks and
re-monopolize music distribution so that they can continue to extort money
from music lovers. "Just Say No."

And remember, there is no longer any such thing as "copy-protected" audio on
a PC or the internet. Instead of giving more money to the music monopolies,
get the "Total Recorder" utility from High Criteria. Removing trial-version
limitations costs only $12, and if your computer can play it, Total Recorder
can turn it into a *.wav file ready for burning onto CD, or encoding as an


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