China is Right

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sat Apr 7 14:21:07 MDT 2001

Please make a policy of not allowing this man to bounce his diatribes about "we" need
to spy, spies not being offensive and other US Imperialist apologia into our
airspace. If we need any of this, there are more than enough places for it- I hope
Marxmail isn't one of them. Of course, I'm just whipping up hysteria on the
controlled airwaves.

Subject: Re: China is Right

> [ bounce from unsubbed "Mark Weigand" <mweigand at> ]
> [] Every country with a decent air force engages in airborne
> surveillance.

> [] If a Chinese spy plane landed at a U.S. military airport, the
> military would be overjoyed because of the information it would
> provide.
> [] Spy planes are not aggressors--they normally carry no armaments or
> offensive weapons. If they do stray into another country's airspace
> they should be challenged, but they pose no immediate threat to the
> population.

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