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Vanessa DD jajije at
Sat Apr 7 14:52:01 MDT 2001

"I would say that Venessa is a clever troll who enjoys giving Marxists an
amusing one-way trip to nowhere."

I love that description; its cool, but I'm afraid i'm not here to give
anyone anything. I doubt any of you need anything if you can afford

I'm here to TAKE, to learn, to listen, and to see if your arguments are
strong enough to be taken seriously. I'm not here to teach you anything, or
change any of your minds, so I don't think it matters much what I say,
except that if any of you bother to answer, it could help me do what I'm
planning more effectively. Consider me the little 1st grader to whom you
must explain stuff so I can grow and then do something with it.

And nobody has yet told me why they think Marxist ideas from the 19th
century are applicable today, which is what I've been subtly asking for a
while. I just didn't think I needed to state it SO OBVIOUSLY.

Oh, and I insist, I'd rather live in Venezuela than anywhere else; never
seen another place that could truly produce so much, but doesn't just
because of a lack of leadership. Poor Chavez is surrounded by idiots. The
other day, the MVR people I talked to, said so many things that I already
looked up and are wrong, like the architect identifying the front of my
warehouse as postmodern when irt is colonial, grek-roman!. Sighhhh. Just
about the only smart guy there is Isaiah Rodriguez (who was OPEC president
for a few months). Chavez has changed this guy around from vice-president,
to a bunch of different ministries, its like he's the only guy he has! the
MAS leader, who IS a marxist and I liked a lot has vanished; it seems he
joined the oligarchs? And there are Venezuelan all around the world who have
done great things.. but they must all leave the country to do it! It's just
that the oil companies (I think Shell was first) have had their hand on this
land for so long, the place is run by the US!

A couple of weeks ago, Bush Sr spent some time here with Mr Cisneros, owner
of a TV channel and a great corporation. They went fishing, because they're
old pals!!! And the venezuelan Colony is Miami is the richest. All our
leaders are worried about buying apartments in Miami, instead of fixing up
the place.

So I thought I could learn something from you all, since I have been places
in a position where many people are asking me for ideas and information on
methods to do specific things. But no one has answered my call for help on
coops, or of many things I have subtly asked the list, of course, in the
form of arguing about ideas. That is the best way to learn and to teach.

I guess Mr moderator could drop me a line, for after all, I no one here has
solutions, then I don't care for arguing about whether this or that is the
proper way to think: I want to see proof, even just logical argument, for
why your ideas are right! If you can't defend them, how can you believe in

Oh, as for your posts being a waste of time, remember that most of the time
someone does something important for the people, their teachers don't get to
see what the seed they planted produced. When a teacher requires seeing the
effect of his teaching, either he is too eager for immediate satisfaction,
or he just has no vision of the future. Reminds me a lot of capitalist


Vane Dido

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