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Vanessa DD jajije at
Sat Apr 7 22:01:37 MDT 2001

 We all or most of us work for a living.  On
this list are some of the most brilliant men and women I have read. We are
the objects of abuse everyday in our working lives.

VANESSA: sorry, I truly hadn't realized that. I've always heard that busy
people have no time for email lists. In fact, I have time now because I've
been sick for 2 weeks.

The American comrades especially are very brave to be even on this list.

VANESSA: are they subjected to persecution? for real?

Carroll is quite correct in what he has posted to you.  For what it is
worth I will throw in my piece as well. Vanessa you strike me as being full
of your own uniqueness.  The sad reality is that you and your ilk have been
mass produced by the system.

VANESSA: interesting. the system must be very influential, for I have NEVER
been a part of it. i've always despised it, since about age 12. I've been a
virtual anarchist since, but not 'officially' because I have never trusted
groups or institutions.

If you really want to change the world then you will stick around and
learn.  If your trajectory is to the left then we will be
comrades.  However if you are looking for an excuse to move to the right
then please do so quickly and let us get on with our work.

VANESSA: NO!! I'm looking for excuses to move to the left from the right,
but no one will give me one! I love what I've read of Marx the past week,
it's like I'm reading what I've always known, but he's dead, and I'm afraid
that, although he wrote an excellent description of the evils of capitalism
and such, he still had hope because his ideas hadn't been tried out yet. But
the USSR failed completely, there is absolute oppresion in all communist
countries... is there ANY hope for humanity? How do you find the people who
should manage everything without stealing? Are there any people who can do
such a thing? can anybody be trusted with Marx's great ideas, to implement
them so that they work?


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