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I'm confused.  You say youv'e been a virtual Anarchist since you were 12 yet
your'e looking to move to the left from the right.  But Anarchists are to
the left of Marxists.  Wouldn't that mean your'e looking to move to the

VANESSA: well, see, that's the problem, I don't know that sort of stuff.
Does it matter at all? I have said many times that I am looking to see if
left and right classifications mean anything at all. In fact, when I thing
of left and right, I think: "negative numbers to the left of zero on the
number line, and -5 would be to the right of -10" I'm being serious here.

Left and right are artificial qualifications. They only mean that some dudes
sat on the left side, and some others st on the right. In fact, when I use
my number line in mathematics, I could easily make my negative numbers to
the right and positive numbers to the left, and then just switch to which
side the arithmetic operations are performed. I am not comfortable with
artificial classifications, only with what they represent. However, Marx's
priciples do not seem to be artificial, they sound to me as descriptions of
natural principles of society and economics, like physics is of nature and
molecules. When we speak of biological molecules, we can also speak of
lefthanded ones and right handed ones, but it doesn't really mean that, its
just a way of labeling them for the beginners. Once you have a real
understanding of chemistry (after organic chemistry in college), those
labels can be put aside and then we only worry about the real meaning of
this without the stupid, useless label! Italso happens that molecules can be
left handed and right handed at the same time in different places if they
are very big. Economics and society are complicated enough for that,

And I became an anarchist without labeling myself one, ever. because the
fact that I rejected any sort of government and law, doesn't mean I want to
be considered 'friends' with others who are anarchists without having a
clear understanding of my reasons. But I suppose the main thing is, if I'm
gonna be running a big NGO, and helping children to avoid a criminal life, I
can't be outside the law! Oh, and I never wanna spend another day in a
venezuelan prison, which have been listed by the UN as human rights
violators (but that's just an artificial reason).

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"The end is in the means as the tree is in the seed." - Mahatma Ghandi

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