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Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Sun Apr 8 14:29:33 MDT 2001

> Doug Henwood's list is chock-full of anarchists,
> from Chuck Zero to Gordon Fitch. Yoshie is there to remind them of the
> superiority of Marxism. Join her over there if that is your cup of tea. On
> this list we will not waste time going over those questions, although I do
> intend to devote major time and energy to analyzing anarchism in the months
> to come.

Does this Chuck go by Chuck0?

Anarchists come with some kind of anti-communist paranoia that ranks us as a direct
threat to their personal safety sometimes.

If so, he sent me a personal threat as a result of a posting to the FTAA-l listserv.
I'm heading to Quebec soon, and so I've posted a sprinkling of things to it- one by
Vandana Shiva, another by WW and yet one more by the CPC. The list is moderated (it
has, surprise, thousands of subbers) and restricts posts to things to do with Free
Trade issues and Quebec City activism, etc. After I forwarded the WW article and it
was sent through to the list, he started telling me that I should "go away", that WW
were a "scary authoritarian bunch who support governments who repress the dissent in
their countries" and that he would do everything he could to stop "me" from bringing
my "authoritarian politics into the new movement".

Apparently to this fellow, Reds are "already re-writing history to try and take
credit for the Anarchist victories in Seattle, Prague and DC". What the hell he's
going on about, I have no idea.

At any rate, I know communists can sometimes be paranoid, but this guy took the cake.
He demanded to know how I blocked his message to the list, was going to "warn" Tao
that people like me were posting, and generally seemed to think that everything
around him had fangs. I simply told him I wasn't a member of WW, but that I guessed
they would still defend him in Quebec when the capitalists attacked him and that I
certainly would myself. Haven't heard from him since, except for him to tell me that
"my ideological heirs killed his idoelogical heirs at Kronstadt."

That would have been a fun conversation, but I tripped and hit delete.


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