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> > Most Anarchist
> > listervs I've been on have been very receptive to newbie questions.
> > that is one reason why Anarchism is growing while Marxism is dying.
> >
> While admittedly not that familiar with all Anarchist listservs (I've read
a bit
> through A-Infos from time to time), Anarchists in general are NOT friendly
> others. The attitude is "more radical than though". Lifestyle becomes a
big issue as
> well. One is not supposed to wear this or buy that- if you do, you are
scowled at.
> Things like this. I have worked and co-operated with many like this, and I
quite like
> many of these people- but towards non-radicals the attitude is definitely
not one of
> tolerance.

Maybe the Anarchists you have worked with are like this, but the movement
I'm a part of isn't.  Saying your'e not supposed to wear this or buy that
goes against the whole idea behind Anarchism.  I am very tolerant towards
non-radicals and so are the other Anarchists I work with.

>  Why Anarchism (as a motivator) is alive and well has to do, in part, with
> things: The USSR just collapsed. The West hasn't been running stories in
the paper,
> giving scholarships to students and promoting people based on their
committment to a
> war against Anarchism, fought in the hearts as much as the minds. Since
Black Flags
> are becoming a threat, you now get the same treatment for the first time
since the
> turn of the century.
> welcome to the slandered club!

That's one of the many reasons.  We haven't exactly been free from slander
the whole time - the media has been using Anarchy to mean choas for some
time.  And right-wingers stole the word libertarian from us, so we can't use
that instead and not be misunderstood.  The defeat of Social Democracy and
Leninist states has shown that these ideaologies are flawed for many people.
Anarchism is the most prominent ideaology to reject both of those and to
also reject capitalism, so people who come to reject capitalism will
naturally be drawn to Anarchism.  Your sectarian bickering also helps keep
the Marxist movement back.  If all the various sects united into one big
party the Marxists could become a signifigant force on the left again, but
they won't do that.

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