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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Apr 10 07:37:54 MDT 2001

>This is pretty funny considering Marxism was created by someone born into
>the petty bourgeoise and a factory owner.  Another reason Anarchism is doing
>better then Marxism is that many Marxists relly on namecalling instead of
>critiquing Anarchist theory.  This makes it look like you don't really have
>a good arguement against Anarchism.
>Joe R. Golowka
>JoeG at
>Anarchist FAQ -
>"The end is in the means as the tree is in the seed." - Mahatma Ghandi

Joe, when you were on this mailing list a year or so ago, you kept a low
profile. Now you seem to be "intervening" on behalf of a political current
that is completely hostile to Marxism. This is not allowed. You have plenty
of opportunity to debate with Marxists on Doug Henwood's list, where you
have other anarchists like Chuck Zero, Dennis Perrin, Gordon Fitch et al.
You can stay here if you respect the goal's of the list. For example, your
query about the general strike was useful from a scholarly perspective. But
I can't allow anarchists to challenge Marxism here. This is not a radical
mailing list, or a socialist mailing list. It is not only focused on
Marxism, its goal is to draw together Marxists from around the world.
Please try to understand and respect this, or else go away.

Louis Proyect
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