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Wed Apr 11 07:06:47 MDT 2001

I learned from informed sources yesterday that Doug Jenness and John Sarge
were expelled from the American Socialist Workers Party. Jenness was a 40
or so year veteran of the party, who edited the Militant and served on the
political committee for many years. He was recruited at Carleton in the
early 1960s, the Minneapolis college where sect leader Jack Barnes was also
a student. Sarge had been a member since the early 1970s at least. I
remember him as a rank-and-file factory worker in the Houston branch in the
mid 1970s, but somewhere along the line he became a frequent party
electoral candidate. At its high point, the formerly Trotskyist SWP and
youth group had nearly 2000 members. Now it consists of less than 300,
mostly aging members who would be ill-equipped to deal with life outside
the sect. If anybody has information on why these two were expelled, please
contact me. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can post from the home
page of which does not require a return address. I
especially would like to hear from disgruntled SWP'ers reading the
archives--you know who you are!

Louis Proyect
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